Angie did an amazing job with our girl Maya.  She was very gentle with her and knowledgeable on just about everything dog related.  I would highly recommend her for anyone that needs help with their canine babies!!

Molly S.

Angie is an exceptional dog trainer with a genuine love for animals. She took the time to understand Paws, his unique personality, and the underlying reasons behind his leash aggression. We truly appreciate the remarkable positive impact she has had on him. With her guidance, we began to understand Paws' behavior, and our understanding of his needs deepened. Her patient approach and positive reinforcement techniques instilled in him a sense of trust, allowing him to gradually overcome his leash aggression. He learned to walk calmly on the leash without any signs of stress or anxiety (very helpful when walking a 185lb moose). Angie educated us about dog behavior, body language, and effective communication. She also made sure we were equipped with the necessary tools to continue Paws' training after our sessions together concluded. If you are seeking a dog trainer who will go the extra mile to understand and uplift your pet, look no further than Angie. She is a true gem in the world of dog training and an absolute delight to work with. 

Julia H.

"It is hard to condense just how amazing Angie is into a review. We adopted a 4-5 year old male German Shepherd who was picked out for us by the rescue because he was especially friendly and did well meeting our family and small dog. He was even the super stable greeter dog the rescue used to temperament test new dogs.

A few days into living with us, him still sore and medicated from being neutered, he was charged by a large aggressive dog on our street who'd gotten out and bitten other dogs before. We were able to prevent a fight and no one was bitten, but from that moment our friendly shepherd was a SHEPHERD. Very protective, reactive to all dogs and strangers whether they were adults or children, and violently reactive to the point that we feared he'd hurt himself he yanked and thrashed on the leash so hard.

The rescue sent us several trainers who tried to manhandle our dog into submission. It never worked, just making him more distrustful of strangers, especially men, instead. We did not want to fail him and give up, but we were really struggling. We felt guilty that this happened on our watch and worried about the liability posed to guests and others if he got out.

Enter Angie. From the moment she stepped out of her car, he liked her. His body language relaxed, he smiled and relaxed, and she didn't push any of the buttons that the others had.

She taught me to work with him without any of the force used by other trainers, instead working diligently to spot, mark, and reward behaviors we wanted to encourage.  She taught me to spot his body language faster and to know when to get him more space, preventing blowups. She taught me to be patient because some days he did great and others, not so great. We'd make great strides then backtrack. She reassured me that this was normal, just keep being consistent.

She also gave me many options for non-force equipment that helped me manage him while keeping him safe, things like gentle leaders and the freedom harness. With our dog, each of these tools worked well for different situations, and it became useful to switch between them as my bond with my dog grew. As time went on, he's grown so friendly to walk we don't really need the equipment anymore. Angie coached us to let him make his own decisions as much as possible, rewarding the good ones, so that over time he's learned that we want him to walk the other way when another dog is barking at him, and in fact there may be a treat in it for him.

She taught me the timing of rewards, the timing of asking the dog to do something, the realistic expectations I should have, the many different ways I was accidentally rewarding behavior I didnt want and accidentally failing to reward behavior I did want.

She gave me tons of ideas for fun diversions and games and puzzles to keep him occupied, and she always was positive and supportive when I was stumped with something.

My dog adored her from the start, in a way he did not respond to other trainers, and it was very clear to me that he trusted her in a way he did not trust others.

5 years later, my shepherd and I are complimented regularly as he heels with eye contact with a loose leash past yapping dogs that would have caused him to freak out in the past. You'd never think this was the same dog. He is still dog reactive, and we still are thoughtful about our approaches to other dogs on our daily walk. But it is now manageable and constantly improving where once a morning walk was a stressful and humiliating experience.

We are so grateful to Angie for helping us, and we could not recommend her more highly. She will not "fix" your dog in a weekend. She will however, teach you the skills you need to build structure and trust into your bond with your dog so that you can communicate clearly with your dog about what you expect from them. One day you'll look back and be amazed how far you and your dog have come."

Erik R.

"As a dog trainer who worked for Angie for several years, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Angie for any and all pet behavior needs! She not only is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable trainer but also a wonderful mentor. Angie is deeply motivated and dedicated to her work, in addition to continuing her education in regards to the latest research in animal behavior. Her desire to educate others on the importance of a positive, safe, force-free world for animals is especially restorative of the relationship that humans and animals should share. Angie’s work is a masterpiece in the training world, and I’d recommend her to anyone seeking advice/help with their pet!"

Calista M.

"Angie has played a key role in resolving house training difficulties with my two huskies. Her approach to directing animal training and behavior is centered around positive reinforcement rather than discipline. This method of training and her invaluable knowledge continues to strengthen good habits in my two once-rowdy huskies and makes coming home after a long day much more relaxing!! I wish I could give her a higher rating for all of her help! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to the fullest!! Thank you Angie!!"

Conner W.

"I was looking for a fear free/positive reinforcement trainer for my newly adopted Schnauzer mix puppy and am so glad that I reached out to Angie. She has such a calming presence with the dogs and you can tell that she loves working with them. My puppy is reactive out of fear of new things and other dogs. Fear free and positive reinforcement is not an instant fix, but my relationship with my dog is so strong and she’s so much more confident being out in the world. We can now go hiking and have her around other dogs without her freaking out and having a meltdown. I can’t recommend a Angie enough." 

Holly C.

"Angie came to our house and trained our spazmanian devil dog, Riley. Seriously, this dog was out of control! By the time Angie was finished with her "no fear" training methods, Riley was a semi-normal dog. Of course, we had to keep up with training him on our own but prior to Angie, we had no idea where to even begin. We tried taking him to one of those pet store training sessions and that was junk.  I would highly recommend Angie."

Scott G.

"Angie has been helping me with my rescue dogs; they were rescued from a bad situation and their mother was feral, so they came with severe behavioral and trust issues. I really appreciate Angie's approach, she's not just a trainer, but an experienced, formally educated, animal behavior expert. She took her time to observe and understand my dogs' behavior. We have been implementing her realistic and achievable solutions, and we are making steady progress. I totally recommend her if you need help with your dogs. She is positive and professional and treats dogs (and their owners) with patience and respect."

April S.

Angie is an excellent animal trainer. She has helped us immensely with both our dog and cat. Our dog had separation anxiety and our cat is feral and skittish. We are grateful for Angie. Her professionalism and knowledge and kind spirit has changed our pet family's life and ours.  

Lory S. 

My dog, Harley, starring in a Jerome's Furniture Commercial!